The Peirano was born in the early 1950s, by a happy intuition and initiative of Giovanni e Roberto Peirano.
In 1973, with the transformation into joint stock companies and the launch of Costigliole Saluzzo the company evolves both in terms of productive organizational: by machines still made you change to new industrial installations that enable the company to become a leader in the industry.

Always Peirano S.p.A. characterizes value products, with a special care to detail, manufactured with high quality materials are the result of an accurate selection. The same "passion" of the past, with the help of new technologies, it becomes absolute quality assurance.

The market has rewarded the company's commitment that has proven over the years to know keeping your quality standard even in the presence of large series production.

But the ability to interpret the changes of taste and sensitivity of the market has pushed the company to confront on the ground of a tailor-made product and on customer's design.

Goal of Peirano S.p.A. is to provide solutions to architects and Interior designers through a variety of technical and aesthetic proposals. This has allowed us to compete and win the supply of extreme value projects both in Italy and in foreign markets.

Hence, the decision to enter forcefully in the design world: demonstration of the ability of Peirano S.p.A. know interpret emerging trends in interior design and architecture.

In summary, thanks to consolidated experience, the Peirano tries to mix a highly industrialized production with attention to detail and compliance with stringent quality standards.